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Biggleswade United (4) V Stotfold FC (2)

3 mins: @kanefarrell3 pounces on a stray ball and striked from 35 yards, but pulls it wide

5 mins: kane farrell puts a ball into box from a free kick & GGGOOOOAAALLL!!! @ClaudioOfosu fron close range!!

Goal Update - great short ball i from @kanefarrell3 from te right side, which played oto the left post and turned in from Ofusu

18 mins: @kanefarrell3 sends in a beautifully flighted freekick which is tipped over for a corner

20 mins: @kanefarrell3 drasw the foul on the left wing. 35 yards from goal. delivery in saved by keeper

29 mins: Kane with some nice ball work puts ball in to nick and OH MY WORD!!! WHAT A STRIKE FROM @nickelliot8 25 YARDS OUT - ARROW!!

76 mins: @kanefarrell3 trying to inject some life intothis performance

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